Deliverable D2.1

Risks and remediation measures at different stages of MAR site development

This report assessses the MAR-associated risks at six MAR sites from which are at different stages of development: three case studies at feasibility and pilot stage and three case studies at operational stage. The risk assessment study was conducted based on recommendations of international guidelines. The report may be used to assist in clarifying which actions or further investigations are required to reduce the uncertainty of risks and, if necessary, to implement remediation measures. In addition, this report intends to show how site-specific hazards have been assessed to varying degrees depending upon the level of risk assessed at each project development stage.

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Deliverable D3.1

Connection of UIT ́s SENSOweb with INOWAS platform

The present report describes the software infrastructure developed in the SMART-Control project to enable the import of third-party data into the INOWAS platform. Using two different transfer approaches, pre-formatted datasets are either uploaded to a FTP webserver as CSV files or retrieved from public APIs using the open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit Prometheus.

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Deliverable D4.2

Implementation of web-based real-time monitoring tool on INOWAS platform

This report describes the main functionality of the web-based tool T2. Real time monitoring and control. The tool facilitates the operational management of MAR sites by collecting real-time data from the in-situ site-specific observation systems. Besides data collection, pre-processing and visualisation, the real-time monitoring tool is also equipped with basic decision rules and control features to help identify the occurrence of risks at a MAR facility.

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